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Minnesota Virtual School for Success Teacher Contacts

All Minnesota Virtual School for Success teachers are licensed by the State of Minnesota. Our teachers are available and happy to answer student questions at different times throughout the day. A list of available office hours will be provided upon enrollment and/or as requested.

Meet Our Teachers

Mrs. Adams

Special Education

Phone: 507-275-3115


Ms. Carmody


Phone: 507-275-3115


Mrs. Doom

Physical Education/Health

Phone: 507-275-3115


Ms Bjorklund

Ms. Bjorklund

Medical Careers

Tish Kalla.jpg

Ms. Calla

Mrs Carroll.png

Mrs. Carroll

Earth/Space Science

Monica Dorn

Mrs. Dorn


Meghan Rybinski

Mrs. Rybinski

Paul Chick

Mr. Chick


Mary Chick

Mrs. Chick

Isabelle Haas

Ms. Haas

Mr. Heerdt

Mr. Heerdt

History/Social Studies

Jessica Jordahl

Ms. Jordahl

Megan Kroh

Miss Megan

Special Education

Emily Kreklau

Mrs. Kreklau

 Mr. Lumby

Mr. Lumby

Rylee Martin

Mrs. Martin

Aaron Mason

Mr. Mason

5-12 Social Studies


Ms. Schmidt



Jennifer Simon

Mrs. Simon

Teri Sue Hitchcock

Ms. Hitchcock

Lisa Thiesen

Ms. Theisen

Mr Traynor

Mr. Traynor

Ike Vesel

Mr. Vesel

Bridgitt Wellman

Mrs. Wellman

History/Social Studies

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