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Minnesota Virtual School for Success Attendance Policy


Continuous Progress and the MNVSS Attendance Policy


At Minnesota Virtual School for Success, attendance is defined as continuous active engagement with the learning process and making continuous progress in each course in which you are enrolled. Continuous progress means that you are progressing at a rate that keeps you on track for passing. In other words, in order to make continuous progress and be considered to be attending school you must: 

  • Login every week (Tuesday-Monday).

  • Spend an average of 60-90 minutes per day of well-focused time in each course.

  • Consistently submit assignments that show effort and are of your own creation and earn points. (Work that is submitted but violates the MNVSS Academic Honesty Policy will not earn points, and therefore will not be counted toward attendance.)

  • Engage in other required learning activities that earn points.

  • Revise work as recommended or required by the teacher.

  • Maintain regular and responsive communication with teachers, counselors, and your online coordinator. This includes:

    • Responding to e-mail and text messages and/or returning calls from Minnesota Virtual School for Success faculty and staff.

    • Updating Minnesota Virtual School for Success office staff when addresses and phone numbers change.

    • If you are under the age of 18, your parent or a guardian must send an email to your online coordinator when you are unable to login due to illness or other personal emergencies. A signed explanation from a practitioner may be required to verify the absence. If you are over 18 you must e-mail a note to your online coordinator and, if required, provide a signed explanation from a practitioner to verify the absence.

    • Comprehensive students (enrolled at Minnesota Virtual School for Success only) are also required to attend a weekly meeting with their online coordinator. The meeting time and place is determined by the online coordinator. Attending these meetings is part of our attendance procedures and required for being marked as present for that school day.

  • Minnesota Virtual School for Success tracks attendance through system logins, system activity, and work submission. Remember - if you submit work that clearly does not show effort, you are not counted as attending that course.

  • Note: Technical difficulties are not excusable absences. If you are having technical issues, contact your online coordinator immediately, then follow the necessary steps to troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Students who do not attend one or more courses are referred to county truancy officers.

The most successful online students are those who work in each course each day. If you know that you'll need to be offline for a day or more, send an explanation to your online coordinator and contact your teachers. If you are having trouble keeping up with your assignments in more than one course, contact your online coordinator right away.

Drop/Add Policy


A student has two instructional weeks from the beginning of the semester within which to officially withdraw from a course. If you stop participating in a course without withdrawing, you are in danger of failing that course. Your grade for that course will be included on your transcript and will be used to calculate your grade point average.

You need to contact your online coordinator to officially withdraw from a course. Please give your online coordinator a call to discuss the costs and benefits of withdrawing. If you decide to withdraw, you must notify your online coordinator in writing. 

If you would like to enroll in an additional course, please contact your online coordinator.

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